We are happy that you made your decision to create a business account! Follow the simple instructions bellow:

Step 1

Go to “Settings” in your app and select “Account”.

Step 2

There will appear a list. Click “Switch to business account”.

Step 3

You can choose between “Business account” and “Creator account”. In case you have your personal blog, then choose the second option. In Creator account you will see more information about those who started following you and those who unfollowed you.

Step 4

At this moment Instagram will let you choose your profile category. Make your choice based on your account topic.

Step 5

The system will let you connect your Facebook page to this account. You can accept or cancel it. We advise that you should connect your page to this account so that no one could create and confirm a fake account. Click “Select page”, enter your Facebook login and password, if needed, and click “Select page” again.

If you created a public page on Facebook earlier then you shall only select it. If not – then you shall click “Create new page”. Don’t worry you will not create a new account on Facebook, you will only create a page that will be connected to your Facebook and Instagram account.

Then Instagram will ask you to confirm or change your profile contact information.

Step 6

Select if your category tags and contact information will be seen or not and click “Save”.

Your businposts. Yess account is ready now! “Insights” button will appear immediately under your posts, but Instagram statistics itself will appear only for new

Enjoy your account!

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