“How to improve your account quality?”, “What to do to get more orders?”, “How to push your account to the top?” – You asked all these questions to us in customer support chats, tickets and social networks. And today we will answer these questions.

There are two indicators which affect your account quality – engagement and reach.

  •  Reach is the number of unique users who saw your account or post. Reach increase gets affected by users’ engagement – the number of comments, likes, reactions to stories, even tags and reposts. 
  •  Engagement is an indicator of active interaction of audience with your account. Engagement is measured in percent of actions to reach.

Therefore, in order to improve your page quality, you need to increase engagement and affect the growth of reach.

What ways are there

Let’s make quality content

Quality is more important than quantity. Instagram is a very smart thing. It is able to distinguish a pixel photo from a high-quality image. And it prefers the second one. Yes, it is difficult to compete with a bunch of other bloggers with bombing photographs. But it’s better in this race to grab yourself a place higher.

Let’s select the timing

Use Instagram internal statistics (to do that you will have to switch to business account) and find out what day of the week and what time of day your followers are active the most. Keep in mind that there is no “good” time for everyone. This is an individual indicator for every account.

Put the content on the most active days and you will see an increase in your posts reach.

Let’s communicate with your audience

Give followers a reason to write comments under your posts: ask direct questions, raise disputable topics, write stories with follow-up, ask followers to share their experiences, give you advice.

And also remember about voting stickers, questions and quizzes in stories.

Let’s play

You can increase engagement with simple giveaways, creative contests and tests. Also, try playing with your audience. There are different options: guessing games, riddles, puzzles. Games mechanics may differ, use your imagination.

Excellent this thing is used on Instagram by Soda. In the post below, this brand offers their followers to find a hidden pack of soda.

Let’s give previews in the stories

Part of the audience checks out stories more often than Instagram feed. Your followers may miss your post, but they might see the stories with a link to the post. The advantage is that owners of any accounts may place links to posts.

Let’s start advertising with bloggers

Yes, what can we do without it. Instagram considers organic (non-advertising) growth of followers through advertising from bloggers. That is, new people voluntarily start following you. And if the account is interesting – they will also like you. For Instagram this is a signal that interest to the page has grown, it’s time to grow audience as well. After advertising, it is important to keep the interest of newbies. Continue communicating with them and engage the ways listed above.

Let’s try targeting

This is advertising as well, official Instagram advertising. We will not dive into the details of the settings through Facebook advertising account; this should be done by targetologists. If you are not going to study targeting, then the usual settings through Instagram app will do.

You need a business account for targeting. Click “Promote” button under a post. Then Instagram will ask you to pick a place where the user will go clicking on the advertisement – select your blog. Then you will need to choose the audience that you want to attract to the blog. There are two options:

1. Automatic – an audience similar to your followers. Instagram sets it up by itself;

2. Created – you pick characteristics of such audience by yourself.

When creating an audience, you may choose its sex, GEO, age and interests.

In the end, you adjust the budget and duration of the display, you will get an approximate advertising reach and cost. P.S. You will have to connect your card and TIN.

That’s it, launch it.

Let’s use new techniques

There is one unspoken rule – Instagram raises the reach of those accounts that use the innovations of the network. New stickers in stories, gif-animation, shopping tags. The algorithm raises the reach of such posts as it considers the content relevant.

That’s all for now. As soon as we find new methods to improve account quality, we will make a post about it in our blog or social networks: VKontakte, Facebook or Instagram.

For now, work out a strategy for improving page quality and follow it for at least a month. And then share your results and experience with us.


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